46514 Internet Providers in Elkhart, IN

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Here we have collected a list of best and high-speed internet providers in 46514, Elkhart; so you can simply compare a number of packages available in your area and choose the best one. Compare Download speed, price, promotional offers and more from all 6 internet providers in 46514 including Xfinity, AT&T, HughesNet, Frontier, DSL Extreme and Viasat at one place. Also read ratings and reviews from our visitors and choose the best deal that meet your requirements.

Best Internet providers in 46514 zip code are:

46514, Elkhart Internet Providers

Elkhart Internet Provider
Internet Type
Download Speed
Upload Speed

Up to 940 Mbps
Up to 880 Mbps

Starting from $32.99/mo

Up to 45 Mbps
Up to 768 Kbps

Starting from $14.95/mo

Up to 12 Mbps
Up to 3 Mbps

Starting from $59.99/mo

Summary of Internet Providers in 46514, Elkhart

Elkhart Internet Provider TypeSpeedCoverage
Xfinity Cable 1200 Mbps 94.5%
AT&T DSL 50 Mbps 1.5%
Frontier Communications DSL 25 Mbps 92.5%
Midwest Connections Fiber 1000 Mbps 0.5%
King Street Wireless Fixed Wireless 1 Mbps 80%
Mercury Wireless Fixed Wireless 7 Mbps 28.5%
Watch Communications Fixed Wireless 25 Mbps 98%
HughesNet Satellite 25 Mbps 100%
Viasat Satellite 100 Mbps 100%

Types of Internet Providers in 46514, Elkhart

Elkhart Internet Providers by Zip Code